C Breeze Island was born out of one Chef’s vision and yearning to taste food like he used to eat at home. Natural, fresh, finger-licking food, prepared with love and attention. Whether it was cooked in a 5 star hotel, a jerk pan in the street, or a wooden hut on the beach, it just had to have that “mmmm…” factor.

Moving to the UK, his search outside of his own kitchen, for the taste of the Caribbean, was a bit hit and miss, more miss. And From those days until now he dreamt of giving the UK the “real” ting!

Fast forward some years and as they say dreams can come true. Uncle C as he is affectionately called by his family, has built C-Breeze Island, a modern kitchen made with recycled wood, serving fantastic dishes, fresh and healthy  juices.

Our mission is simple, to cook our way into the hearts of our community, one dish at a time. We know, we will never be the biggest, but we sure aim to be the best.

Travel with us on that C-Breeze to the Island, full of wood and water, happy people, Good vibes, and Food and drink to live for!